18G Turbo Exhaust Housing / Dump Pipe Flange

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18G Turbo Exhaust Housing / Dump Pipe Flange

Introducing premium exhaust flanges, directly sourced from the manufacturer andhese are proudly crafted in Australia using high-quality Australian materials. Made from precision laser-cut 10mm thick MILD STEEL these are tailor-made for enthusiasts like you, ready to elevate your next project to new heights.


  • Direct from Aus manufacturer
  • Australian materials used
  • Precision laser-cut
  • 10mm MILD STEEL
  • Fits 99% of 18g turbos
  • Tested on multiple setups
  • Outlet for 2.5" piping
  • Step-up to 3" with tube
  • Shipped next day via Aus Post

Each flange is designed to perfection because ensuring compatibility with a wide range of 18G turbos is important which makes it suitable for 99% of setups. We stand by the durability and performance of our product also having undergone rigorous testing on numerous turbo configurations.

Please take a moment to review the provided photo to confirm compatibility with your specific requirements. The 18G Turbo Exhaust Housing / Dump Pipe Flange is designed to accommodate 2.5" piping, as 3" is not feasible due to bolt constraints. However, you can easily step up to 3" using additional tubing for optimal performance.

Crafted from robust 10mm Mild Steel as these flanges are built to withstand the demands of high-performance applications, plus, with swift shipping via Aus Post, you can expect your order to be dispatched the next day which means ensuring minimal downtime for your project.

Elevate your build with our premium exhaust flanges because they are the epitome of quality, precision, and performance.

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