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79 Series DIY Low Mount Bullbar

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79 Series DIY Low Mount Bullbar!
G'day, Aussie adventurers and DIY champs! 🚗🔧
If you're rollin' with a Toyota 79 series Landcruiser, hold onto your hats because I've got some seriously exciting news for you. 🎉 Imagine this: the ultimate DIY Flat Pack Winch Bar. Yep, it's like adult Lego, and it's here to take your Landcruiser to a whole new level of awesome. 🛠️🚀

Now, let's talk toughness – we're talking 5mm construction that's built to handle everything the Aussie wilderness can throw at it with 14 points it secures itself to the chassis. 💪 And guess what? It's not just a winch bar, it's a canvas for your creativity. Ever dreamt of those Stedi 10w flush mount rock lights making your rig shine like a rockstar? 🌟 Well, with this winch bar, you're the artist and the Landcruiser is your masterpiece. Day or night, you'll be turning heads on the trails. 🌄🌙

But hold up, there's more! We've even left spots for the Roadvision BR150 Indicator/park lights. Safety and style in one package – it's a win-win. 🚦✨

Now, before you start stressing about complicated manuals, take a breath. We've got you covered with step-by-step instructions that'll make you feel like a DIY pro. Remember playing with Lego as a kid? 🧱 Well, this is like that, just for grown-ups with a welding gun. 🔥🔩

Oh, and a heads up – we'll need a business address to get this beauty to your doorstep. And if you're living the rural dream, a few extra delivery bucks might come into play. But hey, when has the unbeaten path ever been the cheapest, right? 💰🌾

So, if you're up for a seriously cool project that's basically adult Lego for your Landcruiser, hit that order button. Let's turn those off-road dreams into reality – one weld at a time! Your Landcruiser and the great Aussie outdoors are waiting, champ. Time to show them what you're made of! 💥🏞️