80/105 Series Rear Brake Proportioning Valve Bracket

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Enhance Your Braking Performance with the Adventure Corp 80/105 Series Rear Proportioning Valve Bracket!

Experience the Ultimate Solution for Maintaining Optimal Braking Performance!


  • Enhanced Braking: Improve with Adventure Corp's precise bracket.
  • Peak Performance: Effortlessly maintain optimal braking.
  • Easy Installation: Upgrade brakes quickly.
  • All-Inclusive: Kit for seamless installation.
  • Durable Material: Long-lasting mild steel construction.

Don't compromise on your vehicle's braking performance. Introducing the Adventure Corp Brake Proportioning Valve Bracket, designed to keep your brakes performing at their best!

Effortless Installation for Immediate Results!

Upgrade your Toyotas rear differential's brake proportioning bracket with ease. Simply remove the existing bracket and replace it with our purpose-built Adventure Corp Bracket. Secure the factory bracket into the corresponding holes that align with your vehicle's 2/3" lift. With a straightforward installation process, this bracket is a perfect fit for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics.

All-in-One Package for Convenience!

Our comprehensive kit includes all the necessary components for a seamless installation experience. With the Adventure Corp Bracket, you simpily resure the factory bolts, you'll have everything you need to complete the job efficiently. We've thoughtfully curated this package to ensure your convenience and satisfaction.

Quality Materials and Cost-Effective Design!

The Adventure Corp Bracket is made from raw mild steel, offering durability and strength. Although it requires painting, this intentional design choice allows us to keep costs down and pass on the savings to you. Rest assured, our bracket is engineered to withstand the demands of your vehicle while offering exceptional value for your favorite accessories.

Designed and Manufactured in Sydney, Australia!

We take immense pride in our products, and the Adventure Corp 2/3" Lift 80/105 Series Rear Proportioning Valve Bracket is no exception. Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia, this bracket embodies our commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation. When you choose Adventure Corp, you're supporting local manufacturing and investing in the finest Australian craftsmanship.

Upgrade Your Braking System Today!

Elevate your vehicle's braking system and experience the difference with the Adventure Corp 2/3" Lift 80/105 Series Rear Proportioning Valve Bracket. Don't compromise on safety or performance—choose a solution designed to keep your braking performance at its peak.