80 Series Rear Aerial Brackets - Both

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80 Series Rear Aerial Brackets - Both Sides
Transform your 80 Series LandCruiser with Adventure Corp's BOTH Sides - Aerial Bracket!

Adventure Corp Aerial Bracket Features:

Upgrade your off-road experience with Adventure Corp's BOTH Sides - Aerial Bracket designed for 80 Series LandCruisers. This durable bracket is made from 2mm stainless steel, ensuring compatibility and functionality without interfering with tailgate operation. It suits 16mm aerials and is specifically designed for the 1990-1998 80 Series LandCruiser models.

Enhance your LandCruiser's capabilities with aerials on both the driver and passenger sides. Each purchase includes two brackets for a complete solution. Please note that aerials are not included, and this bracket is not suitable for barn door models.

Exercise sensible aerial selection to ensure optimal performance. Adventure Corp's Aerial Bracket is designed to support appropriately sized aerials and is not suitable for large whip aerials or heavy aerials. Use caution when fitting your chosen aerial to the bracket.

Elevate your LandCruiser's off-road capabilities with Adventure Corp's 80 Series Rear Aerial Brackets - Both. Customize your vehicle and confidently explore the great outdoors with this reliable accessory. Dominate your off-road adventures with Adventure Corp's quality products.