Hitch Pin Mounted Safety Break Away Lanyard Mount

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Introducing the Hitch Pin Mounted Breakaway Lanyard Mount, a reliable and adaptable solution designed to ensure the safety of your trailer in the event of a detachment from the towing vehicle. This innovative mount securely attaches to your vehicle's hitch receiver using a 16mm hitch pin, providing a stable anchor point for the breakaway lanyard.

Crafted specifically for 50mm receivers, which encompass approximately 99% of the market but may require some additional bending or tweaking to suit your particular setup, this mount offers broad compatibility with various towing setups. Made from durable 3mm stainless steel, it provides robust support and dependable performance, even in demanding conditions.

Versatile and easy to install, this mount may require slight adjustment to accommodate different tow bar and tow ball configurations. However, once in position, it ensures a secure and reliable connection, offering peace of mind for safe towing operations.

For added security, it is essential to position the mount on the side that has the locking clip, ensuring it remains firmly attached and cannot accidentally come off during towing.

Please note that this product is designed to enhance trailer safety by providing a mounting point for the breakaway lanyard and does not include additional accessories. Whether you're towing recreational trailers or heavy-duty loads, this Hitch Pin Mounted Breakaway Lanyard Mount is an essential component for ensuring the security and integrity of your towing setup. Please ensure your towbar setup appears as pictured in the photos as some setups may have obstructions that prevent this setup from being used.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Simon Jodrell

Perfect for job

Brad Gary
Great in theory

Awesome product idea,
I impulse purchased one for me and a mate
However our factory towbars don’t allow space for the bent section to fit over the tongue.
Back to the drawing board for this one

Peter Searle
Hitch pin mount

Yep won’t fit. Could have said it only fits Toyotas. Maybe next time say what it will fit.
Well made though

Daniel Taynton
Not universal at all

The price was good and shipping was quick but let down by the design. The upwards angle is not enough to clear the bit of metal around the end of the hitch receiver which makes this product useless.

Paul Dawson

Awesome and got a couple little freebies