Nissan Patrol GU Wagon Rear Chassis Strengthening Plates

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Nissan Patrol GU Wagon Rear Chassis Strengthening Plates
Suits all wagon models 1998 to 2016

Dont fall victim to yet another bent chassis, use a perfect fitting GU Wagon Adventure Corp Chassis Strengthening plate for your vehicle BEFORE the damage occurs!|

Adventure Corp GU Wagon Chassis plates are made from 4mm 350mpa Aussie milled mild steel and are supplied unpainted as they are to be welded to the vehicle. To ensure fantastic fitment, we 3d scan each vehicle and construct the brace plates using CAD software before laser cutting the plates to an accuracy of 0.05mm ensuring a quality product and perfect fitment every time.

Recommended fitting procedure:
1) Lay the Adventure Corp chassis plates over the chassis and using chalk or a paint pen, mark where they fit.

2) Grind an area off slightly larger than the weld area so its clean and ready to accept welding

3) Use a quality weld through primer on the chassis and over the front, back and sides of the GU Wagon Adventure Corp chassis plates, we like to use the "Upol Weld #2 Weld Thru Copper Primer"

4) Using clamps, secure the Adventure Corp plates in their final position ensuring there are no gaps as some chassis have a slight curve or bend in them

5) We generally like to weld an inch and then skip an inch, we mark our weld areas before welding with a paint pen around the perimeter of the plate, many engineers don't want the Adventure Corp plates fully welded on (but some do, so if you plan on getting this engineered, check first).

6) After welding and allowing it to cool, use a quality body sealer to seal in between the welds and to stop water, dust and dirt getting in between the Adventure Corp chassis plate and the existing chassis

7) Lightly sand the GU Wagon Adventure Corp Chassis plates to remove any bubbling on the primer from the welding process and then apply another coat of primer to seal the area.

8) Paint with a high quality paint of your choosing

9) Once dry, use a rust preventative of your choice (like fish oil) to coat inside of the chassis to prevent any possible internal future rust.

Note: The above is just a guide, please seek vehicle engineering advice before undertaking the work