GU Patrol Front Mount Intercooler kit

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GU Patrol Front Mount Intercooler kit.
Upgrade your Nissan Patrol GU with the high-performance Front Mount Intercooler, designed to optimize the power and efficiency of your vehicle's engine. This comprehensive kit includes the intercooler, brackets, and fasteners, providing the essential components for installation. Please note that pipe work and silicone hoses are not included, as each setup varies and requires customization.

With extensive experience in fitting these intercoolers, we can confidently assure you that they deliver exceptional performance. Countless installations have proven their reliability and effectiveness in enhancing engine performance.

Installation of the Front Mount Intercooler requires cutting of the vertical support up to the bonnet catch and slight trimming of the bonnet catch itself. The cooler brackets securely bolt to the factory holes on the bonnet catch and the lower radiator support panel, ensuring a sturdy and reliable mounting. It is worth noting that some bull bars may require minor bracket trimming, but this kit has been successfully fitted with various common bars, including those with winches.

The Front Mount Intercooler features 3" inlets and outlets, offering optimal performance for applications up to 240hp. For setups below this power range, we recommend using a 2" hotside cooler pipe and a 2.5" cold side cooler pipe, utilizing a silicone reducer to step up to the 3" in/out of the intercooler.

To accommodate the intercooler, the kit requires the removal of the AC fan and the looping of the power steering cooler hoses (if fitted). In most setups, the AC fan is non-functional, and removing it will not affect cooling performance.

For optimal results, we strongly recommend getting a tune after fitting the Front Mount Intercooler. A professional tune will maximize the benefits of the intercooler, optimizing power delivery and overall engine performance.

Experience the power and efficiency gains of the Front Mount Intercooler for your Nissan Patrol GU. With its robust construction and proven performance, this intercooler is a reliable choice to unlock the full potential of your vehicle.