GQ Patrol Chrome Bumper Retrofit Brackets

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GQ Patrol Chrome Bumper Retrofit Brackets
Well the time has come, the factory GQ patrol bumper is almost impossible to get AND its also time they are coming back in fashion.

We needed a solution!

Introducing a Toyota Hilux 4x4 1984-86 front chrome bumper (about time Toyotas were good for something)! These are available BRAND NEW for around $2-300 (eBay has a few sellers) and second hand for around $100.

What we have done, is design a chassis bracket set to make these, bolt onto a GQ patrol and it couldn't be easier!

Only modification you need to do to the bar is swap the ends side to side and cut a section off (don't worry, its super easy and takes 2 seconds (its covered in the instructions)

What are you waiting for, its time to shine (literally).

You are purchasing the chassis brackets to fit the bar, you are not buying the bar as well.
The brackets, like all our products come UNPAINTED to save you some cash, they will rust if you leave them unpainted.