GQ Patrol Rear Panhard Brace Plates

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Introducing GQ Patrol Rear Panhard Brace Plates, the perfect solution for reinforcing your vehicle's panhard mount. Crafted from 3mm 350mpa Aussie milled mild steel, these brace plates are designed to provide exceptional strength and durability. To ensure a precise fit, we utilize advanced 3D scanning technology and CAD software, guaranteeing accuracy within 0.05mm.

To achieve optimal fitment, we recommend following the fitting procedure outlined below:

1) Position the GQ Patrol Rear Panhard Brace Plates over the panhard mount and use chalk or a paint pen to mark their placement. The smaller plates on the front and rear sides may require bending or clamping to match the mount's contour.

2) Prepare the welding area by grinding off a clean section slightly larger than the weld area.

3) Apply a high-quality weld through primer, such as "Upol Weld #2 Weld Thru Copper Primer," on both the panhard mount and the front, back, and sides of the Adventure Corp GQ Patrol Wagon/Coil Ute Rear Panhard Brace Plates.

4) Secure the brace plates in their final position using clamps, ensuring a snug fit without any gaps.

5) Weld the plates to the panhard mount, following a staggered pattern (weld an inch, skip an inch). Mark the weld areas with a paint pen before welding. Note that the extent of welding required may vary depending on engineering specifications, so it's advisable to consult with an engineer if engineering approval is needed.

6) After welding and allowing sufficient cooling time, apply a quality body sealer between the welds to seal the area and prevent water, dust, and dirt from accumulating between the brace plates and the existing panhard bracket.

7) Lightly sand the welded areas to remove any bubbling on the primer caused by the welding process. Then, apply another coat of primer to provide an additional layer of protection.

8) Paint the brace plates using a high-quality paint of your choice, ensuring a finish that matches your vehicle's aesthetics.

9) Once the paint has dried, apply a rust preventative, such as fish oil, to the inside of the panhard bracket to inhibit future rust formation.

Please note that the above procedure serves as a general guide. It is essential to seek professional vehicle engineering advice before proceeding with the installation to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. By following these recommendations and obtaining proper engineering guidance, you can enhance the strength and integrity of your GQ Patrol Wagon/Coil Ute's panhard mount, providing added peace of mind during your off-road adventures.