Landcruiser 79 Series Rear Diff Housing Truss Kit

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The Landcruiser 79 Series Rear Diff Housing Truss Kit is the ultimate solution for reinforcing and strengthening your rear differential housing, ensuring its durability and performance in challenging offroad conditions.

Key Features:
- Constructed from heavy-duty 5mm mild steel, providing exceptional strength and resilience to withstand offroad abuse.
- Utilizes interlocking slots in the design, enhancing the construction and overall structural integrity of the truss kit.
- Thoughtfully placed holes throughout the design facilitate easy cleaning and prevent the accumulation of mud and rocks, ensuring optimal functionality and maintenance.
- Compatible with the installation and removal of factory U bolts, allowing for convenient maintenance and customization options.
- Please note that some factory bracketry and breathers may need to be relocated to accommodate your specific application. It is recommended to redrill the differential breather into the top of the pumpkin if it is not already in place.
- For long-lasting protection and durability, it is advised to apply a weld-through copper primer to all parts before fitting and welding, safeguarding against corrosion and promoting longevity.

Prior to installing the Landcruiser 79 Series Rear Diff Housing Truss Kit, it is crucial to consult with an engineer to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and its intended use. This kit is designed specifically for offroad applications, offering maximum strength and reliability during challenging offroad adventures.

By investing in the Landcruiser 79 Series Rear Diff Housing Truss Kit, you can reinforce your rear differential housing, enhancing its durability and performance in demanding offroad terrains. Enjoy peace of mind and tackle the trails with confidence, knowing that your rear differential is protected by this robust truss kit.