Nissan Patrol GQ/GU Front Remote Reservoir Mounts

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These high-quality brackets are specifically designed to suit Nissan Patrol GU and GU models, allowing for the installation of front shocks with remote reservoirs. SUits 2" or 2.5" bodied Reservoir's. Crafted with sturdy 3mm mild steel construction, these brackets ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

The brackets come unpainted, keeping costs down while providing you with the flexibility to customise them according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a sleek black finish or want to match your vehicle's colour scheme, you have the freedom to paint them as desired.

This set includes both left and right-hand side brackets, ensuring a complete and balanced installation. With these brackets, you can enhance your Nissan Patrol's suspension system by integrating front shocks with remote reservoirs, allowing for improved off-road capabilities and enhanced handling.

Upgrade your Nissan Patrol GU/GU and experience a smoother and more controlled ride with these reliable and convenient brackets for front shocks with remote reservoirs.