Nissan Patrol Y62 Rear Lower Control Arm Brace Kit

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Introducing the Nissan Patrol Y62 Rear Lower Control Arm Brace Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to strengthen and reinforce the weak points in the factory design of your Y62 Patrol's lower control arms. This kit is perfect for serious off-road enthusiasts who want to enhance the durability and performance of their vehicle in challenging terrains.

Key Features of the Nissan Patrol Y62 Rear Lower Control Arm Brace Kit:
- 3D modelled and precision laser-cut for a perfect fit, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
- Consists of four additional braces for each lower control arm, effectively addressing the weak spots in the factory design and providing extra protection against bending and damage from rocks, trees, or unexpected washouts.
- The kit includes all the necessary plates to reinforce both lower control arms, totaling eight plates.
- Retains all factory ABS and headlight alignment mount holes, ensuring compatibility and convenience.
- Fitment instructions are available for download, providing guidance for installation.
- Welding is required for installation, and some minor grinding may be necessary to achieve proper fitment, depending on the stray welds from the factory.
- It is recommended to source new control arms from a trusted supplier like
- Adventure Corp products are designed for race and off-road environments. However, if the vehicle is intended for road use, it is advisable to consult with an engineer in your state, territory, or country to ensure compliance with local regulations. Seek professional advice before installing any modifications on your vehicle.

Don't wait until you encounter issues on the trails. Strengthen your Nissan Patrol Y62's lower control arms with the Adventure Corp Rear Lower Control Arm Brace Kit and enjoy enhanced durability and peace of mind during your off-road adventures.