RC Colorado Tub Side Molle Panel

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Introducing the Adventure Corp Rear Storage Molle Panel, meticulously crafted to complement your RC Colorado with rugged durability and versatile functionality. Engineered from raw 2mm mild steel, this panel embodies strength and resilience, ready to endure the challenges of your adventurous journeys.

Designed with precision, this rear Molle panel seamlessly integrates into your RC Colorado, providing ample space for mounting accessories and gear with its Molle-compatible structure. Whether it's camping equipment, off-road tools, or outdoor essentials, this panel offers customizable storage solutions to suit your needs.

Installation is straightforward yet requires attention to detail. While drilling is necessary for fitting, we highly recommend utilizing Nutserts (not included) for a secure and reliable installation process. Once installed, this rear Molle panel transforms your vehicle's rear into a versatile cargo space, optimizing your storage capabilities for any expedition.

To ensure long-lasting performance, it's imperative to protect the raw steel surface from corrosion. We advise applying a protective coating or painting the panel to prevent rust formation, preserving its integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Elevate your RC Colorado's functionality and aesthetic with the Adventure Corp Rear Molle Panel, where durability meets versatility for the ultimate off-road experience. Dominate every terrain with confidence, knowing your gear is securely stowed and easily accessible, courtesy of this purpose-built accessory. Unleash the full potential of your RC Colorado and embark on unforgettable adventures with the Adventure Corp Rear Molle Panel by your side.