Toyota 75/79 Series Weld-On Rear Chassis Brace Plates

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The Adventure Corp 75/79 Series Dual Cab/Single Cab Weld On Chassis Strengthening Plates are the perfect solution to prevent chassis damage on your Toyota 75/79 Series vehicle. These plates are designed to fit your vehicle precisely and are made from high-quality 4mm 350mpa Aussie milled mild steel.

To ensure a seamless fitment, Adventure Corp utilizes 3D scanning and CAD software to construct the brace plates with an accuracy of 0.05mm. Each kit includes 6 plates, with 3 plates for each side of the chassis.

Here is the recommended fitting procedure for the Adventure Corp 75/79 Series Dual Cab/Single Cab Weld On Chassis Strengthening Plates:

1. Lay the Adventure Corp chassis plates over the chassis and use chalk or a paint pen to mark their correct positions.

2. Grind an area slightly larger than the weld area to ensure a clean surface ready for welding.

3. Apply a quality weld-through primer on the chassis and on the front, back, and sides of the Adventure Corp chassis plates. The "Upol Weld #2 Weld Thru Copper Primer" is recommended.

4. Secure the Adventure Corp plates in their final position using clamps, ensuring there are no gaps. Take into account any slight curves or bends in the chassis.

5. When welding, it is generally recommended to weld an inch and then skip an inch. Mark the weld areas before welding with a paint pen around the perimeter of the plates. Note that some engineers may prefer the Adventure Corp plates not to be fully welded on, so it's advisable to check with an engineer if engineering certification is required.

6. After welding, allow the plates to cool and then use a quality body sealer to seal the gaps between the welds. This helps prevent water, dust, and dirt from getting between the Adventure Corp plates and the existing chassis.

7. Lightly sand the Adventure Corp plates to remove any bubbling on the primer caused by the welding process. Apply another coat of primer to seal the area.

8. Paint the plates with a high-quality paint of your choice to protect them and match your vehicle's aesthetic.

9. Once the paint is dry, apply a rust preventative of your choice, such as fish oil, to coat the inside of the chassis and prevent future internal rust.

Please note that the above instructions serve as a general guide. It is important to seek vehicle engineering advice before undertaking any modifications or fitting the Adventure Corp chassis strengthening plates, especially if the vehicle is intended for road use.