XL HD Universal 4x4 Battery Tray - N70 / N70ZZ / N70ZZ MF

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Introducing the Adventure Corp Heavy Duty Battery Tray, designed to empower your off-road experiences with unmatched durability and reliability. Crafted from robust 2mm thick mild steel, this tray is engineered to accommodate most common 4x4 sized batteries, perfectly fitting dimensions of 305mm in length, 171mm in width, and 202mm in height, with some wriggle room around these measurements.

This product arrives in its raw, uncoated steel form, giving you the flexibility to finish it with a paint or protective coating of your choice to match your vehicle and ensure resistance against corrosion. For secure mounting, it is designed to be attached to the base using four 6mm bolts, not included with the purchase, allowing you to choose the specific hardware that best suits your vehicle's requirements.

Ideal for adventurers who demand equipment that keeps up with their rugged lifestyle, the Adventure Corp Battery Tray provides a sturdy foundation for your battery, ensuring stability and safety in even the most challenging terrains. Prepare for your next expedition with confidence, knowing your battery is securely housed in a tray built for the extremes. Note: Painting or coating is necessary before installation to prevent rust.